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I've been looking for a way to dress up one of my lanterns. Love the black and white ribbon with the greenery.


so versatile... nell hills

These Scroll Lanterns make an elegant statement

Bring ambience to the outdoors with some whimsical lanterns

Many #Luminara #candles lovers place them by the #window for #safety purposes when they are at work or on holiday. Who would think it is not a real candle? #Lanterns are the perfect #accessory for our range!

lanterna inox con candela luminara

Lantern with battery operated candle

The perfect alternative to real candles

BethlehemLights Lantern and Luminara Candle on my porch with hay bale and pumpkins - stress-free

Helix Lanterns in Lighting, Candlelight | Crate and Barrel

Crosby Lanterns in Lighting, Candlelight | Crate and Barrel

Add some ambiance with the ROTERA tealight lantern! Available in silver, red, black, white, pink, blue, yellow, and orange for only $3.99!