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Holiday Covers

Celebrating Christmas past with pins of our favorite holiday-themed Saturday Evening Post and Country Gentleman covers.

"Woman and Snowshoe" By W.H. Coffin. Issue: January 26, 1929. ©SEPS.

"Christmas Carollers" By Henry Soulen. Issue: December 1, 1945. ©SEPS.

"Main Street at Christmas" By Peter Helck. Issue: Christmas 1944. ©SEPS.

"Downhill Daring" or "Freedom from Want" By Norman Rockwell. Issue: December 27, 1919. ©SEPS.

"Frosty in the Freezer" By John Falter. Issue: February 21, 1959. ©SEPS.

"Doggy Buffet" By Richard Sargent. Issue: January 5, 1957. ©SEPS.

"Mail Delivery by Sleigh" By Alex Ross. Issue: January 29, 1944. ©SEPS.

"Snowball Fight" By J.F. Kernan. Issue: January 25, 1930. ©SEPS.

"Santa Up a Ladder" By J.C. Leyendecker. Issue: December 20, 1930. ©SEPS. Giclee print available at