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Saturday Evening Post

Saturday Evening Post

Yes, that Saturday Evening Post. We've been around for nearly 300 years, and we're still in print!

Pins from:

"One Woman, One Dog, One Morning..." by Ina L. Jones The Saturday Evening Post: New Fiction Friday Image Courtesy Artaporn Puthikampol @ Shutterstock

"Remembering How to Fly" by Sean Ealy The Saturday Evening Post: New Fiction Friday image courtesy David Polite © Shutterstock

Contact with the enemy. "He Saw the War Coming" by Jeff Nilsson. The Saturday Evening Post: WWII Blog

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. "Jewish Pawns" by Jeff Nilsson. The Saturday Evening Post: WWII Blog

Bavarian Nazis at one of their many ceremonies. "Those Wacky Nazi" by Jeff Nilsson. The Saturday Evening Post: WWII Blog

Japanese Army in Manchuria. "Japan's Bigger Game" by Jeff Nilsson. The Saturday Evening Post: WWII Blog

Hitler reviews troops in Prague. "A Look Inside Germany's First Conquest" by Jeff Nilsson. The Saturday Evening Post: WWII Blog

Revitalized American workforce. "The World War They Knew" by Jeff Nilsson The Saturday Evening Post, WWII Blog

When a mysterious man leaves his cello at a bus stop, a woman struggles between the yearning to play it and the desire to find its rightful owner. "I Had a Cello" by Miriam C. Daum

The forecast of his son Teddy’s future looms over Malone as the men sit waiting for the weather to clear and the ball game to begin. "Rain Delay" by S. Frederic Liss The Saturday Evening Post

"Mentioning Mentia" by Bret McCormick Fiction: The Saturday Evening Post Online

Take a peek inside Jay Leno's garage The Saturday Evening Post l Jeanne Wolf Photo by Walker Dalton

"Are We Losing the Stars?" The Saturday Evening Post l Photo by Tyler Nordgren

Sept/October 2014 issue of the Saturday Evening Post © SEPS 2014 Cover by Tyler Nordgren

Japanese Army in Manchuria. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. "Japan's Bigger Game" l WWII Blog

Breakfast in Bed: You can't go wrong with healthy double chocolate pancakes with strawberry sauce. One serving of these is only 242 calories! Try this sweet, filling, and nutritious twist on a breakfast favorite.

The War They Knew World War II Blog

Hitler reviews troops in Prague World War II Blog: A Look Inside Germany's First Conquest

"She did not just take her hand off the railing and put it on your face, the OCD voice said. Now you’re gonna get a disease. How could she do that?" Love, Logic, and Bacteria l Allen M. Price

The Line l Alex Sobel “Must be worth a fortune,” his cousin said, trying not to sound too excited, to get ahead of herself, overplay her hand. As if value is a thing that can be changed by a couple of words." Illustration by Amber Arnold © SEPS 2014

'Epiphany in Green' by Burt Baum | "For the past nine years of Edward's retirement, he has mowed the lawn every Wednesday without fail. Until one morning when an errant daydream turns his entire ritual on its head."

'Falling In' by Carolyn Charron. | "I know you can’t force a miracle, an epiphany. They need to sneak up on you when you least expect it."

'The Parts You Get to Keep' by Kate Weinberg. | "My grandfather told me once that when you get old enough, the universe gives you red spots, to celebrate your years, alive, on earth."

Summer of My Youth by Katherine Bonnie Bailey Thirty years later, Summer came back to me. She wasn’t a hallucination or a ghost, and I knew exactly what day it was: Independence Day, 1961.

Darla by Laura Garrison With her Southern charm, fresh-baked treats, and incredible efficiency, Darla was the best thing that ever happened to our office–and also maybe the worst....