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Fall / Thanksgiving

Turkey craft for kids

20 turkey activities for kids - crafts recipes and learning

2 small styrofoam balls (about the size of ping-pong balls) 1 small styrofoam cone 3 toothpicks 1 styrofoam wreath 50-75 yards of tulle on a spool (or you can buy tulle on the yard and cut it to size) in a few different colors- like red, orange, and yellow brown yarn 1 sheet of red craft foam black & yellow acrylic paint and paintbrushes glue gun

So cute...I wanted to do something like this, but I didn't get around to it.

Oh-so-cute! Free thanksgiving printables for Thanksgiving/fall events. Includes print and changeable text for Invitations, envelope and menu. Plus: basket labels collage sheet circle tags "to do" lists activity sheet for the kids (perfect for the kid's table on thanksgiving) napkin rings / water bottle wraps mini icon banner mini "thanks giving" banner folded cards (2 pages)

For Thanksgiving- Dip tip of waffle cone in warm water for about 20 seconds then microwave for 20 seconds. Roll the softened end of the cone around a clean pencil then hold in place for 20 seconds. Little cornucopias.

Oreo Turkeys - 2 oreos..1 mini recess cup..1 malted milk ball..candy corn..melted choc to glue everything icing to dot pupil on gummy candy to cut for beak and feet