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crafts with branches: Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor

Crafts With Branches | Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor

fall decorating, autumn decorating ideas

Fall decorating ~ Home Decorating Ideas

How to cast leaves in plaster!

Plaster Casting Leaves Tutorial

Gathering free natural art and craft materials like leaves, flowers, sticks and stones from around your neighbourhood with your kids has so many benefits - being free is just the first one.... ~ Danya Banya

natural weaving! yarn and leaves and sticks! from TREEHOUSE. Kid & Craft

Wear an old sock over your shoe. Go for a nature walk. Remove sock, spritz with water put into a ziploc bag. Hang the bag in a window for 2 what GROWS! Very cool! Also check out Mrs. Drake's webpage for science resources. It's a GOLDMINE!

Mrs. Drakes room -SCIENCE


Salt Fireworks Craft for Kids - Sassy Dealz

Preserved Leaf Wreath

Stick Family - Craftulate

This would be so easy. Embroidery hoops, colored cellophane, and something to hang it by. This could also work with empty picture frames (assuming you remove the glass...)

Salad spinner art. You would need an old salad spinner. Place the paper inside the bowl. Add tempera paint to the centre as much as needed and spin. Cut the finished pieces into squares and glue to canvas. Shellac with a light coating of white glue to seal.

Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone: Spin! Art in Motion–Part One

Ombre inspired hanging installation- A study of color, tints and shades.

"Does your school have an area for outdoor exploration? How do you use the outdoor environment to enhance your program?" The Curious Kindergarten ≈≈

Learning in the Outdoor Classroom

kindergarden and daycare centers should love this idea Make mix and match box dolls with Mod Podge

In Lieu of Preschool...a blog about what a former teacher and her two little ones do in lieu of preschool!

Place water and food coloring or liquid watercolors in cups. Invite children to use eye droppers to bring up the colored water and drip onto coffee filters