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Goddess Purple on slide, trigger, mag floor, magazine release, and pins - Beretta Nano 9mm Handgun -

Purple Beretta Nano 9mm Pistol,JMN9S15,082442189543

RVCA iPhone 5 Case

RVCA iPhone 5 Case 229132100 | Phone Cases |

iPhone cases love

I Love My Baseball Boy. I am so getting this! I need it to be plural because I have baseball boys!!

I generally hate “Keep Calm” imagery, but this one actually makes sense. It is your duty as an American citizen to be armed.

doTERRA's Lifelong Vitality Pack is an amazing, superior quality vitamin, mineral, and essential oil supplement program that has great health benefits! It's great to increase energy, balance moods, decrease cellular inflammation, and decrease chronic pain. I notice a huge difference when I miss even a day of my LLV!

Need my babe to make this for me!!!!

Coach Hipster Eyeglasses • Susie Frames I just ordered these in black and the frame name is my childhood nickname ❤️

My co-workers laugh at my "work ethic". Here's my thought: there are MILLIONS of people unemployed in AMERICA in 2013. I am blessed to have a job. So I'm going to work it to the best of my ability. If you're not going to work, quit and let someone who needs that job have it. There's NO EXCUSE for laziness at work!!!!!!!!!!

backpacking has so much to offer. Those moments we cherish - share them with others at


I normally hate these 'Keep Calm' posters but I'll make an exception for this one because I CAN'T FRICKEN WAIT for the season to start!

strength quotes about life | 10 Mental Strength Quotes" Daily Motivational Quotes at | weKOSH