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52 Week Savings Challenge

You start out small saving $1 the first week and then week 2 you put $2 away, week 3 save $3 and so on until you get to week 52 where you are putting away $52 that final week. When you add it all up it totals $1,378 for 52 weeks of saving. What will you do with your savings?

Blog'n Cents

It's Week 13 -- We are 1/4 of the way through our 52 weeks of savings. Keep it going! Happy Easter!

Week #11 add Eleven Dollars. If your following along you should have 66 dollars saved up to date or more depending how you are saving. What is your saving to date for this 52 week savings challenge.

It's Week #9 add 9 dollars to your savings jar. The chart above shows what to add if your saving by pennies, nickles or quarters.

It's week #8 don't forget to add your $8 this week. It's not too late to start the savings challenge.

  • Cheri Kearns

    Wow....I got behind at some point. I have to catch up from $45 to $66 this week. Ouch.

Week 7 Calendar. Blog'n Cents

  • Shannon Fleuter

    This works guys! We doubled it because we have a 2 income household and we will have enough, to pay in full, our cruise for summer 2015 and 5 day multi-theme park passes for the coming winter. We are super excited! Genius!

My Savings Jar - for the 52 Week Savings Challenge - Week 4

Are you doing the 52 Week Saving Challenge? It's week 6, add $6 to your savings jar. You should have 21 dollars saved to date.

It's week 7 time to add $7 to your savings jar. Hope you're joining in in this challenge, Blog'n Cents