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Texans draft Clowney with No. 1 overall pick. Welcome to the Lone Star State, Clowney!

Texans draft Clowney with No. 1 overall pick

Keenum on the bench, just havin a rest! I hope we never have to see this guy on the bench again!! He NEEDS to be on the field!!!! He HAS to be on the field! He MUST be on the field!!!

Case Keenum talking to Andre Johnson...I like how this looks! Powerful WR, Powerful QB!

A classy Tip of the Hat to Bum Phillips...happy to see Wade out there and doing okay, it must have been hard!

Keenum dropping back and moving around waiting for an open receiver! This is our future here!

I can safely assume Cushing is on the sidelines telling jokes and making people laugh

Brian Cushing gettin them ready for the game

Keenum to start on Sunday against KC!!!! Hell yes, Hell Yes, HELL YES!!!! Ever since he landed on the Texans, I have been dying to see him on the field!

An interesting picture of Brian Cushing..

Brian Cushing, JJ Watt and Brooks Reid...thats a lot of power in one picture

Andre Johnson, What a beast!

Man of the Hour! Deandre Hopkins

Owen Daniels Doin a little dance.

Cushing says, Kiss My Grass Buddy!

Cushing and Watt, again