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dedicated to Odin. Had images that remind me of him


Detail from a tapestry found in the Oseberg ship priestess burial, showing three females. The burial happened around 834 AD in Vestfold, Norway. Oseberg probably means "The Mound of the Aesir (gods)", ("Asa bergr") where two women of high standing were buried together with a lot of ritual artifacts, probably indicating that they were priestesses.The three females in the tapestry probably represent ritual participants or mythical beings.

Odin Rattle. Odin is the North European Chief, a position that once belonged to Tyr.

Animal Wisdom Tarot - Moth

Odin Hanging on the World-Tree

Illustrations from Die Edda

Odin Drunk at Gunnlöd's "The heron of forgetfulness hovers over ale-gatherings and steals the wits of men: with that fowl's feathers I was once fettered within the court of Gunnlöd" (Hávamál 13, A. Orchard Translation)