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Classroom Behavior Ideas

Hula Hoop Rag Rug. Great activity for children and parents to work on together! And something they can keep in their room and be proud of!

Sisters Guild: Monday Makery - Hula Hoop Rag Rug

For group work!! Sounds an alarm when the noise from your kids, classroom or office goes over a certain number of decibels.

Noise Down - sound manager alarm app

Directions and printables to create a Take A Break station which encourages children to manage and regulate their own emotions and behaviors.$

Take A Break - Behavior Management and Self Regulation

5 Common Mistakes that Will Lead to an Out-of-Control Classroom - Great guest blog post by Linda Kardamis on Corkboard Connections

Gem Jar, similar to earning marbles. Set a goal for how many, decide on an incentive when reached, and follow through!

Ginger Snaps: Creative Ideas

Now this is a great PBIS form. This is perfect for those kids who never seem to get recognition. I wonder if our principals would have time to call down students if we did these. It might be more personal than just student of the week.

Positive Office Referral

Math Coachs Corner: Appy Hour: Random Name Selector. This great FREE app makes randomizing student responses easy and engaging!