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distressed canvas paintings: You’ll need: Acrylic craft paints (I use the 99 cent bottle ones), Art canvas, Newspaper or phone book pages, Matte Medium, Gloss Varnish. good idea, but there are some things that could be simplified.... might try to use something similar for my Corset/boudoir paintings for my bedroom :)

Glazed, Distressed Paintings (A Tutorial)

middle school art projects with recycled materials

great for subs...turn each square into a picture? I remember Tom Hatten used to do this on TV in between showing Popeye cartoons in the 50's... He called them squiggles.

Elements Study sheet and test

Art I Final Exam and Study Sheet

questions about elements - How much do you remember? This site has quite a few resources for quizzes /tests/ lessons etc

Elements and Principles of Design - Matching

Art Projects for Kids: “Follow the Directions” Art Test...think I'm going to give this to the kids at the beginning of the year to remind them to listen to directions! Maybe even at various points throughout the year as well!

Art Projects for Kids: “Follow the Directions” Art Test

Very organized art educator. Tutorials and lessons for all the art elements and principles plus worksheets and rubrics Solid.

Student Learning Objectives in the Arts-Education Closet

Education Closet – Student Learning Objectives in the Arts

If you enjoy following my art education boards please follow me here at: I have created a new pinterest identity "art inevitable" in order to have an account that is only for work and to allign with my blog of the same name. From now on I will be posting all art education stuff to this pinterest account. Follow me there! Thanks!

FREE Draw Something Cue Cards

art education philosophy .. this is so good! love to share this with anyone who considers the arts "fluff"

150+ Art Careers - the ultimate list! (Article highlights people who have fun, modern, lucrative art, design and photography careers) - perfect inspiration for high school Art students :)

150+ Art Careers - The Ultimate List

Many times, art teachers defend art education by saying that it raises test scores, keeps kids in school, or improves student performance in "core" academic areas. This may all be true, but the visual arts teach important "habits of mind" that can't be learned in traditionally "core" academic areas.

Texas Art Teacher

SLOs in the Arts Resource Guide - Now available! Full of templates, target samples, and example SLOs just for arts educators. Get it in advance of the October 10th Master Class! From www.educationclos...

SLOs in the Arts Resource Guide

6 Keys to Accessing the Core through the Arts - Education Closet

iTunes U for Art Educators | The Teaching Palette

iTunes U for Art Educators | The Teaching Palette

Create Art With Me!: Justifying ART and Art Education

Create Art With Me!: Justifying ART and Art Education

Line PowerPoint on slideshare - elements of art

Chalk board pens....used for my wedding--and now can use the pens in my classroom---they are bright and much more durable than regular chalk:)

TeachKidsArt-Elements and Principles of Art Game. Great way to pre-test incoming knowledge at start of school year!

"Elements of Art" Memory Game | TeachKidsArt

Art Backward Design Exams, Art Pre-Tests

Art Backward Design Exams, Art Pre-Tests

Elements of Art Pretest

The Seven Elements of Art

Mini handmade ribbon books. Freaking cute I love things that are smaller than they should be!!

book-binding tutorial -- done this before, it totally works. had an awesome journal made from recycled books thanks to this method

DIY- book binding

How to bind your own notebooks/sketchbooks. I've done it several times using old hardcovers on the outside. This tutorial is my bible for diy book binding.

Moleskine Reloaded : Sketching and Sketchbooks