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This teacher is doing a lot of great things! I'm incorporating whole brain teaching more next year and love the star homework idea especially being a resource teacher!

A good trick for when students doing partner or group work and are too loud or get off task. Wrie a short word like “STOP” on the board and crossing off letters when the class as a whole becomes noisy or chaotic. When all the letters are gone, stop the activity and have students return to their seats to complete an independent assignment.

Mrs. White's 6th Grade Math Blog Great for fourth grade, too!

Four corners post-its, one from each student, then they create the best answer in the center. omg great!

Best High School Boards to Follow on Pinterest

Free Team Building Activities for a High School Classroom thumbnail

MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS: Test review activity that fully preps the kids while giving the teacher a chance to just walk around and check for understanding.

Entrance table from a high school maths room --- students collect all worksheets and equipment as they walk in. Would be interesting to adapt for primary school.

A Simple Money Management Tool for Middle School and High School

This Behavior Management Plan, specifically tailored to Middle School and High School, includes dozens of behaviors and interventions, classified into four tiers to help you scaffold interventions as behaviors escalate or de-escalate. Decrease off-task behaviors and increase learning with these best practices! #classroommanagement #behaviormanagement

personal finance lessons for high school students

Icebreakers for High School Students, I might be able to use this for a youth thing

Upper Grades - HIGH SCHOOL - Classroom Organization Tips I LOVE the "Walk of shame" Idea! Great for data and conferences!!

Incentives for Middle School and High School Students is a great behavioral management system. Students are able to earn reward incentives through their kinds deeds, actions, and performance in class. This is great for those students who need a little incentive to get busy on an assignment or who need a little praise for effort. These are great for students in grades 6-12! My students love them!

Love this idea! (I often see similar activities for math, but this is the first time I've seen this activity used within a literacy lesson.)

idea for individual or group counseling - 'exit ticket', maybe "what will you USE this week?" or "what will you REMEMBER from today?"

"Instant Data As we went over each question, I had students color in the square if they had that question wrong. Once we were done with the test, I took each strip and taped them to a manilla folder. INSTANT data!!! I did not have to plug numbers into a computer. I can clearly see that question 9 is one I really need to go over."

I would have never thought of this.