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What is Genius Hour? - Introduction to Genius Hour in the Classroom - YouTube How can Genius Hour ideals be infused with School Counselor Central?

Please take a moment and vote for a grant to support School Counselor Central in improving the only web based program tracking student meetings, time and task, aligning lessons to national standards, and much more!

School Counselor Central Blog: Junior Conferences, a personalized approach

Webinar - Program + Practice = Results on Vimeo

School Counselor Central launches a blog that provides aligned lessons. A must see!

Saturday small business appreciation - join the hundreds of school counselors who have subscribed to School Counselor Central at www.schoolcounsel.... A must have tool for managing student meetings, running reports, and aligning lessons to a comprehensive school counseling program among other tasks. Treat yourself to a holiday gift on an individual subscription: $150!

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Webinar - Aligning Practice and Program to Results

Here is a screen shot of all of the reports School Counselor Central offers. Why purchase separate programs when it can be found on one site?

Looking forward to the ASCA conference. I will be presenting with a panel of school counselors on Tuesday, July 2nd at 11:15 am. Title of the workshop: Aligning Program and Practice to Results" Each panelist will review the areas of how they have developed their comprehensive school counseling program, curriculum mapping, accountability and other components. Don't miss it!

School Counselor Central launches monthly newsletters for subscribers. Tips, upcoming webinars, and other topics will be shared so school counselors can effectively utilize the site!

School Counselor Central keeps growing with school counselors subscribing to our services! We welcome school counselors from Methacton School District, Glendale School District, Sheridan County School District, and School District 05 in NYC!

Dear Friends, I am proud to say that School Counselor Central has become a hot tool for school counselors. With so many cuts in our profession, many schools have subscribed to SCC to help with data analysis on time and task. In addition to getting all the tools, subscribers will get a monthly newsletter with unique professional development topics that can help the profession. Join other school counselors and begin the year with a positive view on your school counseling program!!!!!

Special offer from School Counselor Central

Student Personnel Accountability Report Cards (SPARC) are a great tool to showcase the effectiveness of school counseling

Special offer if you are looking for a tool to maintain data, reporting, etc.

Special offers to all of you through January 31st, 2013.Receive a 20% discount on all DVD's purchased through the month of January. This discount also appliesto all DVD series, which are already discounted up to 20%. Simply include the promo code DVD20 when you place the order: 1. Call:1-800-999-6884 M-F 8:30am-5:30pm 2. Fax: 631-389-2511 3. Online: To view our At-Risk Resources catalog please go to this link, www.guidance-grou....

School Counselor Central has become the "hottest" tool for school counselors and counselor educator programs. We are proud to announce that in one year, of 230 schools who subscribed to the program, 420 school counselors are using the system to track their meetings with students, create a comprehensive school counseling program and use all the wonderful tools the site provides. Try it out: www.schoolcounsel.... Ask for the demo and subscribe now!

School Counselor Central is pleased to offer a new collaboration. Purchase any video from the In The Mix Series, use code schoolcounselorcentral in the email, and get 30% off. Videos have lessons that can be adapted. Offer ends January 31, 2013.

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