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Thank goodness a picture is worth 1000 words, because I could never say enough about these adorable things!

Kitty hammock ❤️❤️❤️

just some pics.... - kim's page -

Framed paw prints. I think it would look cute with a picture of the dog in each corner.

Pet Corner: First Aid for Pets - Heal - Herb Companion

Pet Corner: First Aid for Pets

What a great message. No matter what your background or financial situation... you CAN make a difference somehow!

DIY dog bed. This is FAB! Total pet-peeve when my dog’s bed is just flopped on the floor in some corner. Functional and adorable. …and easy?

The sweetest little tigerfluff in the world

The 33 Fluffiest Animals On The Planet

The cat meows until she stops what she's doing and holds his hand. Then he sits there and purrs. - Imgur