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why do I find this so funny


always thought it was more of a vampire jesus day myself...

Why you shouldn’t mess up with a teacher who used to be a marine…

An unfortunate font choice...

hahaha. it's been quite a while since i WoWed but this made me chuckle.

Haha. I can see this appealing to quite a few of my friends :)

  • Melanie Cook

    That's because we're all a bit OCD, and don't you hate when autocorrect doesn't put the apostrophe in the right place?

Do you suffer from FELINE PARALYSIS?!

A little dry humor for your day.

There are two kinds of people. Period humor (:

Nomnomnom! ; )

An incredible view of The Milky Way from Mars

I am not one for 'man bashing' but I thought this was funny :)