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309 Pins


  • 309 Pins

For when you just cannot.

30 Holiday Cards People Will Actually Want To Receive


Funny Truths - Google+

I'm pretty damn good

yes all the time

... unless it is about a present they bought you. :)

cards against humanity

26 Times "Cards Against Humanity" Was Almost Too Perfect


If Tolkien worked in advertising.

Laughed way too hard at this

21 Different Animal Memes: When Animals Unlock Level “Awesome”

Is there really a point to decaf?

Happy Hour Humor 15 | Hampton Roads Happy Hour

so true | Lol, so true - Random Photo (33001528) - Fanpop fanclubs

Random Photo: Lol, so true

bahahaha but really

My reaction to most shorts these days…

ain't nobody got time for dat church

32 Funny Pictures with Captions - Clicky Pix

How to fix potholes

How to fix potholes like a boss…


Funny Pictures Of The Day - 74 Pics

Sir Ian & Sir Patrick

Two knights square off…

They Had Their Reasons

They Had Their Reasons


of couuuuurse I don't condone kids swearing... but that doesn't mean it's not hilarious:)

Oh yeah, all the time! lol

The complicated nature of family trees.

Crazy Cat Ladies Unite

33 Signs That Coffee Owns You If you’re not addicted then that’s great, but shut up.


Glorious moment

Under the staircase :)

Just Put Him Under the Staircase Mkay