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Elementary Art Projects

An interactive start to perspective drawing

clay castles from a slab. Rolling on a paper towel tube helps keep the shape while clay dries.

The Bees Knees Cousin: Clay Castles

did this on large scale, turned out great

artisan des arts: Onomatopoeia art

Insect Silhouettes, for teaching about contrast

ART with Mrs. Smith: Insect Silhouettes

keith haring inspired sculptures-foam

Dali's Moustache: Haring Hipsters

Flip book animals - Using my favorite shipping tags, a Sharpie fine point pen and watercolors by Jamie Fingal

The Sketchbook Challenge: Flip Book Animals

Symmetrical Mask Making - yr 8 Show understanding of symmetry and balance Show use of design principles of repetition and unity Demonstrate skill and craftsmanship in cutting and gluing Show creativity in embellishing their mask Implement colour theory understandings

polymer clay relief. can easily be made with white clay

a Mused Studio: Polymer Clay Vases

Kindergarten elephants! Take that hand turkey

Build your own robot...assembly line.

Retro Robots | Love Paper Paint