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Karl Schönswetter
Karl Schönswetter
Karl Schönswetter

Karl Schönswetter
  • Vienna
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... er ehrt indem er wählt. (F. Nietzsche in Ecce homo)

Sascha Weidner: geflecht II

Norway takes inspiration from its natural landscape for a gorgeous new passport design

Rosetta mission spent much of the second half of October orbiting Comet 67P/Churyumov Gerasimenko at less than 10 km from its surface. This selection of previously unpublished images taken by Rosetta's navigation camera, presents the varied and dramatic terrain of this mysterious world from this close orbit phase of the mission

Robert Boesch: Nuptse, Nepal, 2011

Hans Eijkelboom on Photography for Aliens 10 November 2013, Amsterdam, NL, 13.40-16.00 Pink.

Frank Machalowski - 1462 Berlin 2011, Lith Print

Joshua Lutz - Praying for the Mantis

Dionisio González - “Nova Heliópolis II”, 2006

Edward Burtynsky, Xiaolangdi Dam #4, Yellow River, Henan Province, China, 2011



Minimal minimalism by Renshou Zhang

Exquisite Corpse From top down: Thomas Escher Jonathan Twingley Nina Frenkel More SVA alumni work in “We Tell Stories”