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Parents: Learning Activities for Kids

Inspire your child’s imagination and support learning with our fun at-home activities.

Children can learn so much from poetry. See today's #LearningToolkit blog for tips on reading and writing poetry with elementary school-aged kids. Click for details.

We love when designers get creative with our wallpaper! Designer Richard Ott of Hartford, Connecticut's Richard Ott Interior Spaces, brings light to this glamorous room with our Bahia wallpaper on the ceiling. What do you think of wallpapering the "5th wall?"

Create a Summer Problem-Solving Box with your kids to keep math skills sharp. Our Learning Toolkit blog shows you how. Click for more.

Shake off that cabin fever and get outdoors with your family! Our #LearningToolkit blog shares 7 ways to promote health and fitness this spring. Click for details.

Springtime Fitness for the Family