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Parents: Learning Activities for Kids

Inspire your child’s imagination and support learning with our fun at-home activities.

Witness the power of the colored pen in sparking your child's creativity! See our #LearningToolkit blog for details.

Our #LearningToolkit blog has a touching story about how heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Click for more.

Help your child use found materials to #craft a mini flower garden! Our #LearningToolkit blog has the details.

Create a Summer Problem-Solving Box with your kids to keep math skills sharp. Our Learning Toolkit blog shows you how. Click for more.

Share stories with your child about your role models while growing up. Our #LearningToolkit blog has more.

Filter summer sun by making these beautiful rainbow window shades with your child! Our #LearningToolkit blog has details.

Help your child become a flexible math thinker and increase perseverance with brain teasers! Our #LearningToolkit blog will get you started. Click for more.

Your family can learn AND have fun this summer! Our #LearningToolkit blog shares 7 fun, educational activities. Click for more.

Keeping a #math journal over the summer helps your child review math concepts and skills. Our #LearningToolkit blog has more.

Create a Summer Math Journal

Want to get your kids writing? Our #LearningToolkit blog has 20 writing prompts to get them started, and keep them going. Click for details.

Keep your child's #math skills sharp this summer! Our #LearningToolkit blog has 5 sites your child will enjoy. Click for more. #STEM

Shake off that cabin fever and get outdoors with your family! Our #LearningToolkit blog shares 7 ways to promote health and fitness this spring. Click for details.

Springtime Fitness for the Family

Our #LearningToolkit blog explains the Rules of Divisibility and how they help your child build number sense: Click for details.

Just as comics encourage reluctant readers to read, online comic editors can encourage reluctant writers to write! Our #LearningToolkit blog shares resources. Click for more.

#Multiplication is being taught using new strategies with which parents might not be familiar. This can make homework help challenging! Our #LearningToolkit blog demonstrates these strategies for you:

Understanding Multiplication Strategies

Homework can be frustrating for your child AND you. Our #LearningToolkit blog has 6 tips to help elementary students with homework. Click for details.

6 Ways to Help Your Elementary School Student With Homework

Announcing online Reading Bingo for kids ages 8-12! #books #literacy

Reading Bingo Starts Today! | Ink Splot 26

Struggling to help your child with #math homework? Our #LearningToolkit blog shares 5 manipulatives that will help your child work more independently.

Check out 5 fun ways to teach kids the ABCs in our Learning Toolkit blog. Click for more.

5 FUN Ways to Help Your Child Learn Their ABCs

"Bucket lists" aren't just for grown-ups. Our #LearningToolkit blog shares one parent's story of how he began a bucket list for his baby. Click for more.

Dylan's Bucket List

Learn the benefits of #storytelling and how you can encourage your child to practice it. Our #LearningToolkit #parents blog has more. Click here.

Finding it hard to serve nutritious food to picky kids? See our #LearningToolkit #parents blog for tips.

Our #LearningToolkit blog has resources to help teach your child the #alphabet. From books to apps to online resources, there is something for everyone.

Resources to Help Kids Learn About the Alphabet

Helping with #math homework? Our #LearningToolkit blog shows how kids are now learning subtraction. Click for details.

Subtraction Strategies