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I love this dress. So elegant! i like this color, but a dark red or purple might go better with my skin tone. Re-pin: Bowtie Chiffon One Shoulder Floor Length Bridesmaid Dress


I agree with this comment. Re-pin: Deepest Secret: Cancer. i font necessarily believe the whole zodiac thing, but this is scary true!

I wish parents and bosses could see this. Some people just Don't understand. Introverts can be devastated on a daily basis and the people around them wouldn't know/care at all. :(

... especially when someone else doubts you, then you starting doubting yourself.(Repin)

Happy, beautifully designed quotes - (203939 quotes)

How I feel towards my father/brothers. it annoys me to no end! Re-pin: My feelings exactly

Haha! love this. Re-pin: Silly question!

iLoveEbooks Image Quote: Silly Question

My goodness yes! My boss and sone of my coworkers could take some pointers from this on how to handle me instead of just shoving into unknown situations! Re-pin: Yes yes yes and yes. This is so dead on I can't even tell you!

I don't agree with EVERYTHING on this list but the rest is good advice esp the "just because you can...," Re-pin.

100 Wise Words For Everyone. Number 28 Is Gold.

No kidding. And my job makes sure I don't get enough sleep. Re-Pin: Shit no we don't. Know how the word "hangry" came to be? Cancers. True story, I promise! And don't even get me started on the sleep issue, we are assholes when we don't get a good sleep, so sorry in advance!

Not usually rude or mean (and I feel bad if I'm that way to someone, stranger or friend, because of stress or the like).

Re-pin: Cancer Zodiac Traits

Oh my gosh yes! I want things to be scheduled, organized, and stable. But I want spontaneity every once in a while. That makes me appear contradictory to others. :(