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Zaner-Bloser Online Editor--use this to create name practice for kiddos who can't write their name at the beginning of the year

Stickers on the dice all have a b or a d -- great activity to force kids to attend to letter shape when reading b/d and writing/tracing b/d

It love this quote. It is definitely something that can inspire writers of all ages. This will be hanging this somewhere in my classroom. I dislike this poster because it looks as if it is geared towards young writers only when this thought can be implied to anyone.

Flat Stanley - traveled with world this month. We have tracked his distance from our school.

FREE Flat Stanley project idea and letter :) Elementary Matters: Flat Stanley, Revisited

I want to send home a stuffed animal with my kids and have them write about their adventures together in the journal. This way the parents can see where their children are at in the writing process too.

♥Teaching Fabulous Firsties and 2nd Grade Smarties!♥

You simply post this up on the board and students must create a story using one phrase from each color. This is fun and challenging! #nsc417

Story Sticks. Yellow = character, Red = conflict, Green = setting, Blue = "Special". Choose one of each and then make up a story based on what you've picked.

Students must find 20 adjectives that describe themselves.--Good first day of school activity to get to know students

Pinner said, "My students last year loved having whole class journals to write in. They had a chance to write in them during Work on Writing, and a chance to read them during Read to Self. I made up a new set of 8. At the moment they are pretty plain covers, but once a student writes in it they have the option of choosing a sticker from my collection to place on the front cover. The stickers show me how many kids have tackled each topic."

last pinner: This is one of my now-favorite sites for Writer's Workshop ideas! Mini lessons, genre units (complete with publication and celebration!!), writer's notebook setup (binderized!), and more! Uh-mazing!

Writing their friend's names. Even kids who "don't like to write" love to write their names!

Students can practice identifying complete sentences with this sorting worksheet....

This website offers 830 paper templates for download. It has anything from regular lined paper to Yahtzee score sheet to music paper.