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Scott Meyer

Scott Meyer

Brofounder of @9clouds and professor at I teach people to use technology and encourage adventure to Norway and beyond at

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Your Social Media Field Guide. Learn which social media tools to use, how to use them and why you should use. Download your field guide at:

Sierra is a free lance writer living outside of De Smet, SD. From her farm she has connected with clients around the US thanks in part to the skills she has learned in 9 Clouds Academy. Read her work at:

Elena of Dreams Hotel is our first international Academy member, running the gorgeous Dream's Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Visit her online at: www.dreamshotelpr...

Jeanne of calls Dubuque home and from Iowa sells greeting cards around the world.

SponsorMyBook - Your company featured in a book titled "Creativity For Sale"

Gazelle Company Definition | Investopedia

Excited to learn about the future of Google Tech with @John Searles Meyer and @Scott Doorley Meyer of Clouds - never a dull moment with the brofounders.

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Guys Lit Wire: Atlas of Remote Islands

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Building Digital Communities

Immigration Bill Debate Nears in Senate - $9.99

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What a machete attack can teach you about storytelling.

Stronghold Selvage Denim Apron

Your Guide to Watching Holiday Movies