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80s nostalgia

Everything 80s, from the first cable box to Teddy Ruxpin. Can you and I be friends? There's so much more on my totally awesome 80s Twitter account at @totallythursday and at #totallythursday

Guess watch from the 80s. This one from 1986.

Video games on the Commodore 64 :-)

TV/game switch - ah the good ol' days

TV on the go

Whitney Houston Performs In Milan. The singer and actress has died. She was 48.

Duck Hunt

Dragon's Lair, the original from 1983.

This was my first cable box. 1981.

Bob Ross...and you can put a happy little tree anywhere you'd like.

Playing Oregon Trail on the old Apple Computers at school.

Scratch n' sniff stickers

Nestle Quik - I remember these metal containers from the 80s!!