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Heritage LO

Louise and Jack (1913) Heritage Challenge

Altered & Inked: Compendium of Curiosities 3 Challenge #6

Altered & Inked: Compendium of Curiosities 3 Challenge #6

Time Flies ~ Heritage page with great layering and embellishments...the wagon wheel and barbwire edging repeat elements from the vintage photo and set the scene beautifully.

Vintage Family (early 1900's)

ARTE BANALE: Strukturalne ATC

ARTE BANALE: Strukturalne ATC

Grandma's Kitchen ~ Scrap a page about heartwarming memories spent with Grandma. The background is from actual vintage wallpaper from her kitchen.

Grandma's Kitchen

Louise and Jack, 1913 ~ Simply designed heritage page in a rich color palette.

Louise and Jack (1913) Heritage Challenge

God Jul ~ Charming heritage Christmas page with a photo matt made from layered doilies, border stickers and corrugated cardboard.

min lille scrappe-verden: Jul posekort

Mother ~ An unusual violet and green color palette highlights the purple undertones of a faded B/W portrait. Love the torn, inked and distressed background with hand stitching and button flowers...a striking layout!

Lantana's Gallery: My mother


Sem Férias: Moments

Sarah Ann and the Unknown Yankee Soldier ~ Not every family heritage story is a happy one. This haunting page recounts the saga of a young Confederate girl who was assaulted by a Yankee soldier during the Civil War. Be sensitive with your journaling but be brave enough to scrap these important stories that shaped our ancestors. Love the closing quote: "The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart." - St. Jerome

Sarah Ann and the Unknown Yankee Soldier

Making a heritage digital book is a marvelous way to duplicate your family heirlooms. Scan your precious photos and memorabilia. Make a book using StoryBook Creator, then print multiple copies to distribute to the family. A great way to pass on your family memories. *Click on photo to enlarge.

Casey, 1962 ~ Heritage childhood page with beautiful crocheted doily matt, beading and ephemera. Love the little paper baby shoes and bracelet!

2dogs's Gallery: CASEY