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Maze Gardens at Ruspoli Castle / Northern Lazio, Italy

The vegetable garden of Abundance of la Chatonniere. Each segment of the leaf is a different edible plant -- herbs, veggies and even some fruit.

Garden of Abundance

LifeSpan Walking Treadmill

LifeSpan Walking Treadmill

An inflatable lawn tent. Imagine laying in this while its raining.

  • Stacy Perlysky

    I wonder if the tent would act like a magnifying glass and heat up the inside to unbearable temperatures?

  • Barbara Eber

    It would be quite hot inside

  • Shari Mayorga

    I would think some screened windows are in order! I would get this if S Texas wasn't ALready unbearable in the summer!!

Seoul Subway | via imgur

Seoul Subway : pics

A proposed bridge design in Paris - How fun would it be to jump and bounce across a river?

Atelier Zündel Cristea

Portaledge Camping, Yosemite, California

Portaledge Camping, Yosemite, California
  • Julie Reis

    This makes my heart beat faster for fear of heights!

  • Amy

    What is the point of this?

  • Erika Burkhart

    Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean that you SHOULD!!!

  • Chelsea Coats

    How else would you climb Yosimite? Camping out in the middle of a climb is normal and this is how its done. Just like any other pro-sport, cilmbers do it and love it!

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Australian Pool Company...Glass floor dining room over the pool

Sleek Homes Constructed Entirely Out Of Glass
  • BJ Rainey

    I think this is cool, but I think it would scare me to death!

They hired a new valet. He's a little OCD. {Color coordinating is awesome}

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