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Bible Object Lessons for Kids

I LOVE a great Bible object lesson. They are usually quite easy to present and very captivating. This board will showcase some of my favorite Bible object lessons that your kids will love! (Want to learn more about my ministry, "The Scripture Lady"? Then go to

FAITH COMES BEFORE WORKS LESSON: It can be common for children who are raised in our churches to profess Christ at a young age and then become wrapped up in living a good life for Jesus.  Slowly their salvation becomes dependent o...

No More Than We Can Bear - Object Lesson

OBJECT LESSONS - Jesus taught using object lessons - you can too. The Shaving Cream Experience/Love never runs out, no matter how much of it you give away. - Lucky Charms/Our trust should be in God, not trinkets & charms. - Jelly Bean Gospel/The Easter story taught with jelly beans. - The Amazing Burger Lesson/ Looks can be deceiving. - How to Trap a Monkey/Letting go of temptation. - Don't Be a Baby/. Christians need to grow spiritually as well as physically. +++++

Using Object Lessons to Teach Biblical Truths

object lesson today about hiding sin. You use a glass filled with coke and drop buttons in it. The glass represents the person and the buttons are sins. Sins we think we get away with, like lying or saying bad words when noone is around...... At first the buttons sink and you can't see them. Later the buttons start popping up to the top.

Run Away Pepper Trick - Another "magical" way to show students that friends don't want to be around people who use hurtful words and actions. Put water in the pie plate, sprinkle pepper all over it, then drop liquid soap and watch the pepper "run" to the edge. Take away question: What can you do to attract (rather than repel) friends?

  • Carrie Hobbs

    My Daddy did this when we were little. So glad I saw this idea for a lesson

God Is Love Object Lesson Awesome Sunday School Blog! What an excellent resource!

Object Lesson: Procrastinating

Keep your words soft and case you need to eat them!

Sin and the Holy Spirit in a Mason Jar

“Strong Together” Object Lesson about the Church

A great lesson on respect and integrity. I actually just used it with my daughter to show how lying hurts forever. {major approval from my husband as well, he asked "that was awesome, where did you find that?!!}

Object lesson on being obedient. Floating needle.

simple illlustration of how we need the washing of the word of God to keep our hearts and minds pure. FANTASTIC - SOOOO doing this with Justice.

Salt and light Sunday school lesson. Neon food coloring to dye the salt.

  • Amber Imhoff

    The directions dont open when I click on this pin but it looks like a really cool idea

  • Rhonda Russell

    Here is the original poster's words: " Salt and light Sunday school lesson. Neon food coloring to dye the salt. Gonna do layers of colors and apply label that says "You are salt and light" to glass salt shaker for kiddos to take home." - I'm understanding it like sand art.

  • Amber Imhoff

    Sweet thank you

Sept 2012 Wk 4 Jesus Calms the Storm ideas. Some great "hands-on" ideas for building "talking points" about this great lesson of the amazing power, peace, and love of our forever friend, Jesus! :)