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Bible Object Lessons for Kids

I LOVE a great Bible object lesson. They are usually quite easy to present and very captivating. This board will showcase some of my favorite Bible object lessons that your kids will love! (Want to learn more about my ministry, "The Scripture Lady"? Then go to

paper folding story-tell the story of Christ's life...ending with the cross

Easter Talk- The Good News | Children's Minister Blog

object lesson on choosing good friends

YourLifeUncommon: FHE {Choosing Good Friends}
  • Diane Burt

    Yes it is!

  • Diana Livengood

    Used this lesson last night in my class. The kids were so excited and got the lesson. They went and shared the lesson with their parents.

Cure your kids of Christmas Greed! Teach children of all ages the true meaning of Christmas with a simple bowl of cereal.

Object Lesson For Christmas

object lesson


Even grownups don’t often “get it” about what Easter means. Terms like “sacrifice for sin” and “blood of Christ” can sound intimidating, old fashioned and even not appropriate for children. There are ways to sidestep scary terminology w

Easter Bible Object Lesson: The Jesus Glass

Free Object Lesson Idea: The Rocks Cry Out

Free Object Lesson Idea: The Rocks Cry Out

A lesson for kids on lying. Amazing!

An Object Lesson for kids on Honesty | Over The Big Moon
  • Karen Harnage

    Thanks for the object lesson ideas. I am a Sunday School teacher and I am always looking for new exciting ideas to teach our children the bible. GREAT JOB!

  • Jennifer Streu-Schwartzkopf

    This is PERFECT!!!! Thank you!!!

OBJECT LESSONS - Jesus taught using object lessons - you can too. The Shaving Cream Experience/Love never runs out, no matter how much of it you give away. - Lucky Charms/Our trust should be in God, not trinkets & charms. - Jelly Bean Gospel/The Easter story taught with jelly beans. - The Amazing Burger Lesson/ Looks can be deceiving. - How to Trap a Monkey/Letting go of temptation. - Don't Be a Baby/. Christians need to grow spiritually as well as physically. +++++

Object Lesson Index Page

Object Lessons Using Apples

Object Lessons Using Apples