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Articles for Nurses

Popular and timely articles written just for nurses. If you enjoy reading our career tips, top nursing trends, and inspirational stories, pick up a copy of Scrubs Magazine from your local medical uniform supply store today. Or order online:

Should cameras be allowed in patients' rooms?

Should hospitals install cameras in patients’ rooms?

What's life like for a nurse who finds themselves in the hospital as a patient?

When nurses wear the gown: life on the other side of the rail

Here are 10 obstacles to weight loss as well as solutions to overcome them!

10 reasons you can’t lose weight

We recently read the sobering article “5 Terrifying Things I Learned as a Drug-Addicted Nurse” on, and knew you would have a lot to say about it and its ramifications for the public’s perception of nurses. What do you think about this issue?

  • Leanne Richer

    This article was really sobering. It made me realize the negative stigma for addicts especially in medicine, I always assumed there was more help out there, but I guess there isn't. We need to take better care of our own.

Check out these tips for landing your first nursing job!

How to land your first nursing job

From fashion to industry changes, the new ScrubsBeat channel will feature videos all about the lives and livelihoods of nurses.

Real nurses. Real talk. Tune in to ScrubsBeat now!

Things Nursing Students Don't Say

Video: Things nursing students DON’T say

Nursing Student Advice

Scrubs – The lifestyle magazine for nurses

6 Things Your Patients Won't Tell You

6 things your patients won’t tell you

Top 10 Reasons Nurses Make the Best Dads

Top 10 reasons nurses make the BEST dads!

Top 10 Reasons Nurses Make the Best Dads

Top 10 reasons nurses make the BEST dads!

10 Soothing Phrases Nobody Wants to Hear

10 soothing phrases no nurse wants to hear

What to Eat During the Night Shift

What to eat checklist: Evening shift ideas

Strange Patient Superstitions

You won’t believe these strange patient superstitions!

The Best Pre-Packed Snacks for Nurses

The 11 BEST prepacked snacks for nurses

I'm Terrified of Nursing School Debt

“I’m terrified of nursing school debt…help!”

How Well Do You Know Your Healthcare Acronyms?

Test yourself! A fun quiz on healthcare acronyms