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Videos Nurses Love

A collection of videos just for nurses! These videos will make you laugh, cry and smile!

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This song's kind of hard to get out of your head!

WATCH: A rap video on the importance of hand hygiene

In this emotional ScrubsBeat video, Katie Duke discusses how the death of one of her patients impacted her.

How to deal with the death of a patient

What do you do when a patient's family member is interfering with your job? Take a listen to what Sean Dent has to say on this topic!

Tips for dealing with difficult patient family members

Check out this moving video of Nina, the 26-year-old nurse who contracted Ebola, exchanging a few words with her caretakers.

Is it time to do away with the phrase "male nurse"? Katie Duke thinks so!

Is it time to stop using the phrase “male nurse”?

We just had to share this heart-warming video with you all. Apologies in advance for any tears it causes!

WATCH: These pediatric cancer patients are “Truly Brave”

Thinking about asking out one of your coworkers? See if you still have that urge after watching Sean Dent's latest ScrubsBeat video!

The ups and downs of dating a coworker

What does it take to manage the stress of nursing school? According to Katie Duke, it requires avoiding these 3 nursing "no nos" at all costs!

3 nursing school “no-nos” every student should know

Everyone experiences bad days, even the most experienced nurses. In this ScrubsBeat video, Sean Dent shares some more advice to help you stay positive even when times get hard.

More tips for surviving the bad days in nursing

It's not easy being the new nurse on the floor. However, Katie Duke has some helpful information to make your transition into nursing a bit smoother.

3 tips for making the best of your first few days as a nurse

Does humor have a place in nursing? Katie Duke weighs in on this topic in her latest ScrubsBeat episode.

When does nursing-related humor cross the line?

See if you can stay still in your seat while watching these videos of nurses dancing for an amazing cause! To show your support, be sure to cast a vote for your favorite one today!

3 must-see videos of nurses dancing…for a good cause!

It's much easier to laugh about your nursing school mishaps AFTER you've graduated! This week, Sean Dent shares a funny personal story that involves a pre-filled syringe and a lopsided ceiling tile!

“The FUNNIEST mistake I made in nursing school…”

Katie Duke has some survival tips that EVERY nursing student should know.

Survival tips that every nursing student needs to know

“There is life outside of nursing!” If you’re struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance as a nurse, this video is for you!

How to maintain a healthy work-life balance as a nurse

This week on ScrubsBeat Katie Duke shares some things that patients should NEVER do in the E.R.

Katie Duke shares some steps that every nurse should take in order to progress in their profession.

Sean Dent had a pretty funny experience with a "hopper" during his first few days as a nursing student.

Chances'll never hear a nursing student say any of these things!

Before you eat another chocolate-covered coffee bean, you may want to listen to Sean Dent's recent experience with the delectable treat. We're pretty sure he'll be sticking to regular old coffee from here on out!

Katie Duke and a co-worker decided to help a long term patient feel better. Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference.

Student Nurses: Need some studying tips? Check out this helpful installment of The Sean Dent Show on the ScrubsBeat Channel!

Find out why Katie Duke is launching this nursing vlog on the ScrubsBeat Channel!

Video: Nurses parody “Gangsters Paradise” in “Nurses Paradise” #nursehumor #nursing #nurse #nursingstudent