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Steve Welsh Digital Marketing

Steve Welsh Digital Marketing

Creating & Implementing Solid Measurable Digital Marketing Plans for Technophobes Who Want to Create Revenue for Their Business Online.

Seasonal slowdowns affect nearly all businesses sales; some more than others. One strategy for offsetting this downtrend has been to cut operational costs. Twenty or so years ago, it was typical to see manufacturing plants shut down for a week or two during the summer, for example. Those who follow recent business trends would recoil at the idea of

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“Digital Marketing” I am sure we have heard this term a number of times in the course of different activities. The other day I with my friend had been to a seminar on the topic, on reaching the spot we found a teenager addressing the crowd, such is the popularity of this term today. I don’t intend to pull down that youngster but was kind of a

Social Media Marketing is a fast-paced business, and in today’s ever-changing world, companies must satisfy consumers who need instant gratification.  One of the best means of pleasing demanding customers,

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Starting your own blog is not a difficult task to accomplish, however, if you want it to be a successful blog, viewed globally, then there are certain things you need to pay some attention to.  To help lead you through the process of starting your very own blog page, we have put together a simple step-by-step guide. Decide what you are

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Email marketing may be old school, but it's far from dead. It's a great way to reach your contacts and gain new leads too, especially if used strategically at different points of the buyer's journey through your sales funnel! This infographic breaks it down for you.

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