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More like this: soccer party, shark party and cat cakes.

Painting pinecones to look like flowers is an artistic craft that some women and men at Victory Baptist Church in Hampton, Va., have been doing for months. ( surprising. I'm from Wichita Falls). How fun.

Use elmer"s blue school glue to draw design on white shirt, dye, then wash. glue comes right off.

Kool Aid ice cubes + Sprite. As they melt, the drink changes flavor

Watermelon "cookies" are great for picnics, barbeques, or any meal

Simple Dimples: Mason Jar Lidded Cup using Grommets, love that these have handles!!

Ice cream cone balloons!

Dr Suess' OOBLECK!!!...This stuff is amazing. Mix 2 cups of cornstarch and 1 cup water in a bowl. To color it, add a few drops of food coloring. This defies Newton’s third law of motion–for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you quickly smack it with your hand it immediately turns into a solid, instead of splashing or moving. If you slowly move it reacts like a liquid....

This would be a great #science project for young kids!! Plant maze: plants grow toward the light!

Turn souvenir pressed pennies into a unique bracelet

Moms cell phone number bracelet, when traveling with little ones in airports, at amusement parks, school Field Trips. So smart!

Would be great in all colours

This is what happens when you microwave a bar of Ivory soap! Then you can tear it up, color it, and mold it into shapes! It's not wet and messy, either! This is awesome!

DIY - Polymer Clay Gift Tag Step-by-Step Tutorial.

salt dough, stamped. gift tags that can be repurposed? 1 cup salt 2 cups all purpose flour 1 cup luke warm water

46 Ideas For DIY Jewelry (love this bracelet!)

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