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the illustrated delivery service: BFA - "Springing Up"

the illustrated delivery service: BFA - "Springing Up"

A FAR BETTER LAND OF PROMISE | HFAC Galleries : DVA Galleries Archive / BYU

A FAR BETTER LAND OF PROMISE | HFAC Galleries : DVA Galleries Archive / BYU

"i waited, as if the sea could make my decision for me."...sylvia plath (painting: Ivan Aivazovsky, Waves (detail), 1849)

detangling my mind.jpg

detangling my mind

"She Will Find What Is Lost", by Brian Kershisnik.

Brian Kershisnik - Meyer Gallery

Anne of Green Gables illustration by Hanuol

Yogic mudras in Christian iconography ~ Christ is often painted with His right hand in prithvi mudra, in which the tips of the thumb and ring finger are joined. Prithvi mudra is said to provide stability and cure weaknesses of the body and mind. It means "earth." Perhaps Christ is saying place your roots in what is real: me and my word. > This is a hand mudra...I knew the Savior traveled...

"Always, light presides over darkness" - B.K. Packer < this isn't happiness™ - photo caption contains external link

Here’s a particularly awesome example of street art interacting with its surroundings. Created by Polish artist Natalii Rak for Folk o...

'The Bat Cycle' by Craig Davidson is simply wonderful. Need I say any more?

wonderful illustrations of the imaginative lives of children

Alberto Pla y Rubio (1867-1937) Spanish Painter - reminds me of days gone

The Giving Tree | | Cut paper art that's perfect for Valentine's Day!

This Woman Bends and Folds Her Body Across A Giant Canvas. When I Saw What She Made, I Was Blown Away.

I love Louis Comfort Tiffany's stained glass windows. I also love "Comfort" as a middle name.

Margaret W. Tarrant (1888 – 1959, English)

Howling at the Moon - Inge Look