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Zentangle flowers with tempera-value background...To grow an idea off of this one, you could take an image, split it up into a grid, give each part of the grid to a student, draw out the outline and draw appropriate tangle within each part of the grid that matches the value of the picture

Art Mash - Symbolic Self-Portraits

Newspaper Skyline-cool project!

artisan des arts: Hand dyed paper with silhouettes - grade 5/6

"Dreaming out Loud" by Donna Heart. I like this as inspiration for a collaborative class project. Create painted papers, cut and mount on a large canvas.

Math, Geometry & Art. This site provides links to a very large number of sites for teaching students how to make origami forms, tessellating shapes, cubes, pyramids, prisms, polyhedra, tetrahedra, rhombic dodecahedra, icosahedron globes, geodesic domes & buckyballs. Incredible site . . . making math an art & art mathematical.

Birds - give students the paper with the branch already drawn and they do the rest - then it will fit together into a group mural. Tiles?