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Hand Lettering Artist. I teach lettering and podcast on the topics of creativity and business in the design industry.

Why It May Be the Wrong Time to Pursue Your Passion (Podcast 102)

After 1 year of publishing two podcasts a week, we’ve made it to the 100th episode of the seanwes podcast. I’ll be giving away over $1,000 worth of seanwes products.

[Blog Post] "Too many people already do what I want to do."

Overcoming the Fear of What Other People Think and Doing Your Best Work Anyway (Podcast 095)

[Podcast Interview] Why I Paid $1,000 for an Email

  • Nick Thorp

    I just finished listening to your pod cast and I just want to say I loved it! I'm one of your email subscribers but have not purchased your course YET! I am absolutely excited to reviewing your master course. Great job on your journey the last year. It's great to hear you came out on top.

  • seanwes

    Thanks for the feedback, Nick!

Last chance to save $50 on the Learn Lettering courses!

Podcast 087: 10 Myths Creative People Tell Themselves

[Blog Post] 3 Reasons I Changed My Mind On Money Back Guarantees

More than 1,000 students have purchased the courses since the launch less than 3 months ago.

[Blog Post] Cheap, Lazy, & Foolish: Professional Profanity

Podcast 082: Making A Living With the Trifecta Part 3 of 3: Teaching

Podcast 081: Making A Living With the Trifecta Part 2 of 3: Products

Podcast 080: Making A Living With The Trifecta Part 1 of 3: Client Work

Podcast 076: Growth Scaling Part 1 of 3: Systems & Superhero Syndrome

How To Cure Perfectionism With A Simple 2-Digit Number

I promise this show will change your life → Podcast 068: You Have One Life – Set Bigger Goals

Podcast 062: What If I Try Really Hard and I’m Just Not Good Enough?