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Safety first. This dog is ready to float in the ocean and relax his day away.

This yellow lab (Sonny) is laughing at all of us because he's at the beach and we're not.

Woo Hoo! These two dogs (Poppy and Brooklyn) are add the beach and so happy they are ready to dance!

This golden retriever is at the beach, relaxing and watching the world go by.

We all like our toes in the sand - even the 4 legged.

This Golden Retriever looks ready for a nap after a play day at the beach.

This cool trio of dogs sport sunglasses at the beach. This way they can watch the babes without anyone knowing.

A French Bulldog at the beach.

This dog knows how to spend his Dog days of summer.

Your pictures: Sailing

Handsome pug on the shores.

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Bella the English Bulldog guarding her beach chair... "You want dis chair? Your gonna have to TAKE it from me!"

After a long day of playing at the beach with friends, Popeye the French Bulldog had a much-needed drink.

Bulldog lounging on a Tropical Beach (although they can lounge anywhere)

Thinking of Taking Your Pet Abroad

Cute little pug looking out at the ocean.

Moose, loving the beach

Golden Retriever on the beach, watching the world go by.

life is a beach and I'm just playin in the sand

English Bulldog trying to get to the beach....