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Driftwood Christmas Decor + Ornaments

Natural found driftwood is repurposed to create Christmas ornaments, angels, trees, wreaths, nativity set and tree topper.

Driftwood Wreath Carefully selected natural driftwood pieces are artfully arranged to create our Driftwood Wreath. Accent your Christmas Décor or use year round. Each is hand-made and unique by nature.

Driftwood Wall Tree Graduated lengths of natural driftwood are mounted on the wall to compose this Christmas tree. The top surface of each driftwood branch is milled flat and waxed to reveal the grain, making them great for displaying lights, ornaments and objects while the rest of each piece is left in it's natural state.

Driftwood Snowflake Wall Light Rustic driftwood snowflakes are unexpectedly backlit and give off an alluring glow. Each snowflake is mounted on a block so it appears to be floating. LED light strip is hidden on the back.

Driftwood Tree Our trees are hand-crafted from natural driftwood pieces, adding a beach element to your Christmas décor. Adorn them with lights or small ornaments or admire them for their simple natural beauty. Available in 5 sizes so you may create a winter forest.

Driftwood Polar Bear Found pieces of driftwood are lightly white-washed and carefully arranged by hand, to form these pleasingly posed Polar Bears. Available in a grazing or gazing pose.

Driftwood Tree Ornament A skillful arrangement of small salvaged pieces of natural driftwood are shaped into tiny trees, for your tree. Twine loop for hanging. Each will be unique due to the hand-made and natural element.

Driftwood Angel Tree Topper Our standing Angel watches peacefully over Christmas celebrations or can be used as a graceful tree topper. Hand-made using natural, found driftwood pieces.

Driftwood Angel Ornaments Slim natural driftwood wings help our Angel Ornaments take flight. Carefully selected pieces of natural, reclaimed driftwood are used to form and create our ornaments. Each is hand-made and unique by nature.

Driftwood Tree. Driftwood Wreath. Slices of reclaimed driftwood gather for Christmas festivities in wreath and tree form. Trees stand on driftwood branch trunks. Each is hand-made and unique by nature.

Driftwood Christmas Trees. Our Driftwood Trees are hand-crafted from natural found driftwood and bound together using nubby twine. Adorn with lights, ornaments or admire the trees for their simple natural beauty. Natural finger starfish tree topper included. Each will be unique by nature.

Driftwood Penguin Ornament. Handcarved penguins sport natural driftwood pieces and accents to form our plucky penguin ornaments. Created using reclaimed driftwood.

Driftwood Square Bowl. Our large driftwood bowls help to anchor Christmas displays. Fill with ornaments, lights or wrapped packages. Created by hand using reclaimed natural driftwood pieces and placed together to create our unique one-of-a-kind bowl.

Driftwood star. Driftwood collected from the shoreline is artfully arranged to form our star. Enjoy the natural beauty of the sun-bleached pieces or adorn with lights for summer evenings or the Christmas season. Hang from doors and windows or lean one above the mantel. Natural materials ensure each piece is a unique driftwood creation.

Driftwood Pieces Tree. Small pieces of natural driftwood, selected by hand for their unique character and coloration are tightly bound together to form our Driftwood Christmas trees.

Driftwood Reindeer Planter. Charming reindeer stand at the ready to hold foliage. Planters are fashioned from natural pieces of found driftwood so no two are alike. Fill with potted plants, holiday sprigs or lights and ornaments.

Driftwood Reindeer. Our driftwood reindeer are hand-crafted from real, natural driftwood pieces. Add lights or let their unique quality stand alone. Each will be unique by nature.

Driftwood Star. Our driftwood stars accent the wall above the mantel, a window or front door.

Driftwood star. Natural driftwood collected from the shore is arranged by hand to create our Christmas stars.

Driftwood slice tree | wreath. Slices of reclaimed driftwood gather for holiday festivities in tree and wreath forms.