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Hans Solo in carbonite iPhone case!

'B-Iron 715' Transparent Iron by Dong-Seok Lee & Ji-Hyung Jung » Yanko Design

I HAVE TO HAVE THIS ... Shake the lamp to light it up, blow on it to make the lights turn off like a dandelion!

Fader highlighter...highlighted ink fades completely in 5 months! to use on textbooks

This one is by Smart Swipe........Easy online payments! No more entering your details.

It's a LunchCrock: warms leftovers, heats up soup, slow cooks anything by lunchtime. Spill-proof, cool exterior, cord storage, dishwasher safe... awesome!

Children play and draw with crayons practically every day, so why not make the experience more educational? This is a set of 64 Crayola crayons with labels so that while children are coloring, they are also exposed to the names of chemicals that will make those colors! So instead of thinking “I want green” they will think “I want Barium Nitrate Ba(NO3)2 Flame” Queinteresante_chemistry_crayons_set_-_64_crayons_with_labels_view1-sixhundred

Pillow alarm clock - vibrates when it's time to wake up! Awesome!

Air Umbrella- no freakin way... no canopy but rain still goes around you.. I want it!!!

Panoramic Camera Ball. Throw it up in the air, and when it reaches its peak, it takes a picture out of each of its 36 camera's, and you can go onto a computer to view the panoramic picture you just took.

This project goes by the name of “Water Shade” and keeps a shield of H2O around the fruit it is sworn to protect. It’s both a dish and a cover, working with water to keep freshness in and everything larger than Oxygen OUT! Designer Yitu Wang doesn’t want to keep you from your delicious apples though, so there’s a built in detector that sees your hand in approach, and thus is does desist.

Inspired by books, the Pages chair allows the user to adjust the seat height and backrest cushioning simply by turning its colorful padded “pages.” The imaginative design encourages interaction with the user and has a unique, fun and colorful aesthetic that is sure to be a conversation starter!