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The Sebastian Library

The Sebastian Library

Where Minds Meet

It's Touch 'n' Taste at Toddler Time today!

Fizz - Boom - Read! Dalysa's summer reading program is up and running!

Asaya improves her reading skills, carefully pronouncing all the words in the game instructions with Megan's help.


The kids are having a little post-Storytime creative activity.

Waiting for the Library to open, Celeste and Sergio keep in touch with their friends.

Thomas takes some time out for a reading break on the shady side of the Library.

When it's Spring Break, kids have fun at the Library!

Laura helps Karen join the DAR.

Eli, Lord of Lego Land!

Don't put off your tax filing - AARP experts are here every Tuesday 9 - 1 to help!

"Here's a monkey so you can play 'Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.'"

First Patti reads a story about running - then it's time to run at KidFit!

P is for Pizza at alphabet time - arts & crafts Pizza, that is!

ATHA Gator Group artists get their hooked work ready for display at the Library.

Toddlers color owls for February 14th - the theme is "Owl Be Your Valentine."

A family looks over raffle prize "Sebastian River Sunset" by Lionel Ogilvie - get a ticket at the Library!

C'mon in - the Wi-Fi's fine!

Levi and Annabelle enjoy the Art Club display as they wait for Mom.

School's out - Library video game's in!

Alone at home on the net? C'mon in! Togetherness is sweet!