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Does the Hobby Lobby case have you so mad that you're knitting bricks? Us too! #KnitABrick and mail it to us to help build us a wall of separation between church and state. You can also share your brick with us on Pinterest, Instagram at Secular_Coalition, Twitter @seculardotorg and

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Intern extraordinaire Dan is feeling empowered after the #KnitABrick contribution from Tracy. Thank you for inspiring the Intern Pantheon and helping to rebuild the wall between #church and #state

Carina, thank you for the beautiful crocheted brick! Things are coming together! We could not to it without you!

A friend sent us three bricks from Seattle, Washington!! Three! Anonymously! We'd loved to send a thank you. Please email Austin Cooper at so we can get that in the mail

Director of Federal and State Affairs Kelly Damerow is super excited to show off the brick sent in by Melissa from Florida. Go Gators! #KnitABrick

Secular #craftivist Erin from South Carolina sent in her brick today as well as a lovely note! Thank you Erin for adding to our wall of separation between church and state! Intern extraordinaire Antonio Thomas is seen holding the brick and the note. #KnitABrick

We have uploaded our pattern onto our very own Ravelry page! Be sure to check it out on username SecularCraftivist

Knit In Public Bingo - A game to play while you #KnitABrick. Be sure to tell people that you DIDN'T buy your materials at Hobby Lobby! #GetANewHobby

Knit In Public Bingo » Untangling Knots

Materials: Make sure you do not use Hobby Lobby when purchasing! Support your local craft stores.

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