A map and list of secular and inclusive homeschool support groups in the U.S. and around the world

Several factors in our country and culture have moved the secular homeschool movement along a fast trajectory.

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A project that has been a LONG time in coming. The first ever digital magazine for secular homeschoolers!!!

The Secular Homeschool Community - Why we should LOVE Libraries!

The Secular Homeschool Community - Why we should LOVE Libraries!

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Introducing: HOMESCHOOL PICTURE DAY! Celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of homeschoolers! #homeschoolpictureday

The Secular Homeschool Community - Homeschool Picture Day

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Wonderful kids book explaining ancient myths and traditions associated with the winter solstice, as well as the science of seasons. My only beef is it is completely northern hemisphere centric, which is a small issue admittedly.

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