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whose line is it anyway- watching like crazy for improv help for godspell... also its coming back on tv in july!!!!!!!!

And this is why I love Chandler.

Twitter / friends_quotes1: Chandler: I got her machine Joey: ...

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Funny Friends Tv Show Quotes

Did it with The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Buffy, Angel, Project Runway... and more...

(bottom to top, left to right) Fin, Rebekkah, Klaus, Kol, and Elijah The Originals from The Vampire Diaries

I care about you.

Disney's Girl Meets World cast

Green Arrow

Every PLL episode.

Firefly reference on The Big Bang Theory. I couldn't decide weather to laugh or cry.

Dexter . the ice truck killer

Dexter morgan


Keep Calm and Call Gibbs | NCIS

Soft Sheldon, warm Sheldon...

Big Bang Theory Sheldon and Amy