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LARP costumeLARP costume » Page 12 of 148 » A place to rate and find ideas about LARP costumes. Anything that enhances the look of the character including clothing, armour, makeup and weapons if it encourages immersion for everyone.

Saami inspired belt and equipment. Left to right: leuke leather pouch kuksa.

Ravenlore Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills. Leatherwork

Archery Arm Guard Etched Leather with Suede & Beads- CUSTOM ORDERS. $40.00, via Etsy.

Segmented arm armour for sword arm

Segmented arm armour – style A

Leather work 114 - 15 by ~HamraBDG on deviantART

Gothic Reverse Clamshell Leather Armor Gauntlets. $89.99, via Etsy.

Leather Bracers Celtic Link. $80.00, via Etsy.

Gladiator Shoulder Armour Spartacus Replica by armrd on Etsy, $190.00

archer bracer

Archery brace – style A