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THE AVENGERS - Fan Made Quotable Character Posters — GeekTyrant

THE AVENGERS - Fan Made Quotable Character Posters

DC Universe ... Justice League of America


Why Batman's enemies did what they did

"My world is just shades of grey, Batman. That's why you'll never understand."

"Ugh, this scene kills me. Because you know if Iron Man or Thor or Cap did it they would spring up just fine and be on their merry way. But Clint... you don’t see Clint for another ten flipping minutes in the movie. He’s probably laying there in dire pain for most of it! Seriously, just... urgh, the feels. He knows he’s only human but that never stops him from being extraordinary."

The fact that the Hulk isn’t always in control, but he still had enough sense to save his friend, Tony. ♥

Joss Whedon on The Avengers: "I don't think it's a perfect movie. I don't even think it's a great movie. I think it's a great time, and I'm proud of it, but for me, what was exciting is that people don't go to see a movie that many times unless it's pulling on something from within, unless there's a need there. That's very gratifying.” More at link.