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Gardening dreams

How to Build a Potato Tower - Gardening world

How to Build a Potato Tower - Gardening world

Fall is the time to improve your soil for next year's crop. Use these 10 tips now to improve your soil for spring planting. Super easy, but you need to do them NOW for the best benefits.

Podcast Fall Garden Prep 10 Tips to Improve Your Soil Now

'Green Envy' purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) - perennial

Rotary Botanical Gardens - Hort Blog: Some Rain Would Be Nice

Monarda, 'Beauty of Cobham' - will take quite a bit of shade. Smells glorious. The leaves are used in Earl Grey tea.

Monarda, Beauty of Cobham - Monarda 'Beauty of Cobham'

Garden sculpture with the tops of bottles placed over a pipe or rebar ...would make a cool looking rain chain

Lunch under the tree

Redring Milkweed (Asclepias variegata) is a pretty white-blooming milkweed that gets its name from the contrasting purple rings around each flower.

Tomato plants flourish in straw bales, and no weeds or weeding! Check out the straw-bale gardening movement that has become one of this summer's hottest gardening trends. (AP Photo/Cool Springs Press, Tracy Walsh/Poser Design)

Bad soil? No soil? Plant in straw bales instead

Homemade Weed Killer: Mix: 1 quart vinegar (can use white or apple cider vinegar), 1/4 cup salt, 2 tsp. dish soap. The acid in the vinegar kills the plant. The salt pulls moisture out of the weeds. The dish soap keeps the weed killer on the plant. Word to the wise: this mixture will kill any plant it comes into contact with; it's not selective at all. Once you mix up your weed killer, pour in a spray bottle. Then, wait for a day that is going to be dry, hot and sunny and spray away.

The Parsimonious Princess: Gardening