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friendship bracelet pattern and many, many others, free DIY

One of my favorite Friendship Bracelet patterns!

DIY an over-sized sweatshirt into a jacket. Very cute and fun to make. Had a hard time machine sewing the fabric into the hood and had to do it by hand. Love the end result!

Pistachio shells, now i have a reason for getting a giant bag. besides eating them all.

A Tutorial - How to Draft a Pattern and Make a Zippered Purse with a Flat Bottom - Sew Together

DIY backpack with just 1 1/2 yards of fabric.

Double braid bracelet. this could be made into a cute headband as well.

Great Tutorial! Perfect for beginner, clear pics with instructions.

Use wood glue and a stencil to block the stain. Beautiful. Such a good idea!!

Chevron quilt. Made using triangles. LOVE

This website sells cheap art canvas. I will have to remember this! Canvas is NOT cheap.

Use confetti, glue and a balloon to make a colorful and fun bowl.

glue! got some ideas for this.....

Perhaps on a art piece that is made with nothing but, yes, crayons. Use the crayons in different ways, coloring in, melting, splattering, it could be great.... ^great idea

With texas instead of an a.I had to cheat on this one. Nothing stuck to the canvas. I used Contact paper and sort of melted the edges of the letter to the canvas with the tip of the glue gun. Even so, a lot of crayon got under the Contact paper. So I had to paint over the smudgy looking leakage with white craft paint to make it look crisp.