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Who wouldn't love an "Ice Breaker" that involves chocolate?! In relation to the foreign language classroom, (in a lower level class) colors could be written in the target language. When going around the room, have each student say their color (of the M M) in Spanish, etc. For an upper level activity, simply have all info. + have students respond in the target language.

Good Grief! This site has every classroom procedure mapped out that you could think of! Keep this one handy!

Eduardo Sandez es un usuario que ha recolectado un gran número de libros en PDF y ePub para compartirlos con todos en la red. De hecho, creó una biblioteca con su nombre en el servicio FileCloud y Drive, el primero contiene 10,000 textos y en el servicio de Google hay 500 obras.

Good video in Spanish/English describing uses of imperfect vs. preterite with lots of examples

Alternatives to traditional homework

Akinator is a web genie that asks you questions (in Spanish) and WILL eventually guess the person you are thinking of. Your students will love this.

bubble wrap

Los colores tienen distintos significados, ¿sabes cuáles son? #Color #Meaning #Infografía

LOS TEMAS DEL MEDIO AMBIENTE Crea un plan para proteger el medio ambiente. Luego presentalo oralmente a la clase.

Slap Words! The game is simple. I put our vocabulary words on different colored sheets of tag board. (That way if a word gets mixed up with another stack, it's easy to spot.) Words cards lie on top of table face up. I call out a word. Person to find it first slaps their hand down on top of the card, then takes the card and puts it to the side in "their pile". Person with the most words wins!

Portada - Inmigrantes Jóvenes

Our teacher Carlos teaches us 10 ways to say ¡NO! in Spanish.

Estereotipos de México: "Un mexicano sin sombrero"

6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Really Learn Spanish

The presentations at the CCFLT conference 2014 from the Loveland teachers are on this wiki. (Thanks, Toni Theisen!)

My high school students love the Chocolate Juego de Mano and in the next few weeks will do the Mariposa Juego de Mano. Hand clapping games in Spanish – Mariposa and Chocolate --a fun way to focus energy (a "brain break") while practicing vocab words =)

Telling Time -- random time generated on this site. Has 'on the hour', :15, :30, etc. Could be used in any target language.

How to use Great resource for culture projects, listening activities, and footage of Spanish cities