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tattoo world map

A Do and Don't Guide to Getting a Tattoo Souvenir
  • Camille Civray

    I meet this girl in a bus in thailand ! i can't believe i saw her in pinterest , because during the way to koh paghan for the full moon party she was just in front of me ! the world his so small :)

  • L. Payne-Lowe

    Oh man! This is truly thoughtful & probably original?! I like! I like!

Two Parts of the Globe-World Map (#39-006) < Auctions < Archaeological Center

Two Parts of the Globe-World Map (#39-006)

Bottom of foot

  • Tammy Elliott

    no way, thiese always come off in less than a few months. A total waste of time.

  • Alicia Stowe

    Ha. Good luck walking.

  • Kelly Bono

    this tattoo is useless and a waste of money. this is coming from a person that loves and has tattoos.. this will fade so quickly.. it will be gone in a matter of months.. I hope your friend did that for free cause u just flushed money down the toilet..

  • Michelle Croissant

    i have one on the bottom of my foot and its been there for four years now, but it's in the arch of my foot not on a spot that is flat

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