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Convertible Kayak - can be a tandem, or you can remove the middle section for a solo. Pretty packable, considering you can break it down, too!

HauteLook | Snap Kayaks: Tandem Kayak Front Mid and Back Sections

Portable Boat Plans

Portable Boat Plans

ideal for campers or commuters who look for quick and easy access boat. Designers : Prof. Ying Fangtian, Wu Jiang, Wei Chengyuan, Mao Yuxi, Wang Qi, Zhang Ning, Cheng Kuan, Zhao Yijun, Cai Jianxing

The Incredible Folding Boat - Foldable, safe, stable, lightweight and practical. On the river, lake, or in the sea. Seats 2 to 3 adults. Max Weight Capacity is 450 lbs. Handles an electric or gas motor up to 2 HP. Sets up in less than two minutes, no tools needed. East to store. Comes with a 5 year warranty. Choice of accessories such as a transport bag, ATV, and RV supports.

Folding boat

Fold Up folding boat plans-thumbnails

thibault penven: ar-vag folding boat

Free boat chair plans

Portable Boat Plans

Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies,students at the Royal College of Art,London has designed a“Foldboat”.

“Foldboat” The plastic contraption becomes a small rowboat when assembled,which can be managed by a single person in as little as two minutes.The foldboat even comes with collapsible oars and inflatable cushions. It is made from an 8 ft by 5 ft plastic sheet.To convert the backpack into boat-mode,only three folds are required and secure the structure with plastic clips.The plastic sheet id designed to fold up to 6,000 times before failing.

Proof of our 50 years of experience in Japan www.fujitacanoe.c... The very first Japanese made folding kayak designed by Dr. Kozaburo Takagi of Kyoto University in 1947. This is the origin of Fujita Canoe.

Folding kayaks 02-09-2011

Napali Folding Clear Kayak

Portability clause to a kayak, made possible using Folbot Edisto’s Folding kayak kit available for $1,795. The kayak takes about 10 minutes to assemble, weighs 24 pounds, measures 3 feet long (when assembled), 13 feet when detached, holds up to 210 pounds, with a cockpit size of 30-by-16 inches, and can be easily folded and put into its storage bag. Pretty simple…isn’t it!