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Frame little girl's first dance recital ensemble or little boy's first uniform! CUTE!!!!

A little note from the tooth fairy... so cute! Can't wait to do this!

This is brilliant. "My kids got themselves grounded for being late to school, so I thought I would use it to my advantage. I came up with a clever way to get them ungrounded."

This is freakin' awesome. "Stay in bed until you see the sun!" This clock displays a sleepy star during nighttime hours, and a cheerful sun during the day. Parents choose what time the sun appears, so the child knows when it's ok to get out of bed.

Ever wonder what happened to the kids whose mom ignited a firestorm when she took all their toys away One year later, this follow-up post addresses all the questions brought up by that very controversial post. A must read!

Building with Apples and toothpicks - a fun way to learn and snack at the same time with your kids!

John Deer Tractor 7930 coloring pages for kids...lots of printable sheets

If you write a letter to your child's favorite Disney character they will right back and send an autographed picture. This is the address.

Fluffy Stuff (2 boxes cornstarch and 1 can shaving cream; color if desired) -- moldable. Haven't seen this before.

Instead of a pinata, hang balloons filled with confetti, a few toys and candies. Each child chooses one to pop with a pin. Everyone gets a turn with their own balloon and their own treats!