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The Miniature Earth ...This video is amazing...there are no words!

Print lots of different kinds of maps for free.

Geography - Practicing mapping the world by heart.

our 50 states song for CC. It's awesome and a great way for the kids to not only memorize the song but visualize the states and where they are as they sing.

Cycle2 Wk3 Memorize European Countries in Under 5 Minutes with Mnemonics!

Begin with this one: description of US The United States - Location, Size and Regions

3D mapping activity - Australia from big idea learning on (6 pages) - Made by an Aussie teacher. Used in an Aussie class. Available for everyone. I worked hard to find a balance between making mapping as fun as possible and not including just the ‘usual’ info related to Australia, while still making it as educational as

Maps to go with Audio Memory Geography Songs (by Kathy Troxel)

History (weeks 14-17) Geography: S. America, Mesoamerica, Africa, S. Asia Interactive Map of Rainforests and Jungles. Click on the areas and more information will pull up. Real pictures of each area, also.

Our Africa...Children's Videos of Africa...Children's videos of Africa Children across Africa have made films to show you what life is like in their own countries. Choose the country you want to visit by finding it on the map (if you can!) or from the pull-down menu.

Seven Continents Song - Introducing the Continents (Intro for the kids to Cycle 1, this summer.)

App for IPod or iPad that helps with Cycle 1 Geography.

cool idea - teaching about the fertile crescent using a croissant. not sure my littles are ready for this abstract thinking, but perhaps yours are!