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places I have been

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Louisville Slugger Field, Louisville

Little Rock, AR

Los Angeles, California

Medicine Hat, Alberta

  • Jeri Engen

    have you really been to Medicine Hat?! lol One of Em's new university friends is from here!

  • Trini Pevey

    yes my husband managed a baseball team here and livrd here a couple summers!!!

  • Jeri Engen

    Well at least Statesboro prepared you for po-dunk. (and I mean that in the kindest way.) :)

  • Trini Pevey

    LOL it was a very small town!!!!

  • Jeri Engen

    I know!!! that's why I was so surprised you had been there. I don't know anyone who "visits" Medicine Hat. Although I did notice you omitted lovely Statesboro from places you have been!

Carousel Center, Syracuse NY

Municipal Stadium (Hagerstown Suns)