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Signature Quilts

Signature Quilt

Smith Cabin Signature Quilt

Taylor's Island's Gallery of Art

Cheryl Lynch Quilts: A Signature Quilt Filled with Love

Cheryl Lynch Quilts: A Signature Quilt Filled with Love

O'Quilts: Marie's birthday signature quilt/p.s. i quilt: siggy block tutorial

A Circle of Friends: A Book of Friendship Quilts By Holmes & Shamy Stapled, paperbound book, 8 1/2 x 11", 20 pages of quilting patterns. This book is specifically designed for early quilters.

Trimming Dear Jane signature blocks

Signature quilt blocks

SEW FUN QUILTS: Names Everywhere......and a Recipe.

Quilt Patterns Free Quilt Patterns Friendship Spool Quilt Block

Would make a sweet wedding signature quilt.

Signature Quilt close-up. Interesting block - Temecula Quilt Co

Quilt History Reports: Colville Washington Signature Quilt

My parent's 50th wedding signature quilt

I'm inspired by the colors on this1830-40 Chimney Sweep quilt with signature Willy H. Eddy, from Newark Museum's "The Great Newark Quilt Turning," seen on Quilts, Gravestones, and Elusive Ancestors blog

Friendship's Offering: Techniques and Inspiration for Writing on Quilts: Susan McKelvey,Nadene M. Hartley,Susan Senesi: 9780914881308: Books

The Signature Quilt: Traditions,Techniques and Signature Block Collection: 9781881588146: Books

Album & Signature Quilt History, 1830 - Today, Revised September 2005